Medium Saw Bones Waxed Canvas Medic Bag

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One of the best parts of any trip into the wilderness is NOT DYING on that trip.

The Saw Bones Medic Bag is here to help you pull one over on the most effective serial killer known to man - Mother Nature.


These medic kits were developed in tandem with medics that are also avid outdoorsmen. 


They come with an empty, plastic container for you to fill with the medical supplies of your choice: gauze, bandages, anti-bacterial cream, tourniquets, body glide, etc...


Because of the double protection system of the 15oz waxed canvas and the plastic container you don't have to worry about your supplies in the face of the elements.


Just hang this kit up as soon as you get to camp and you are good to go.


This kit measures 10" and contains a 2.0L box. It also comes with the extra nurse joey pouch for even more storage!


Made in proud partnership with Opossum Pouch Soft Goods.