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You've heard of "New Old Stock" before but let me introduce you to "New Old School."

The original, some would say "traditional" Hudson Bay axe pattern found its glory with the trappers of the Hudson Bay region of America.
It has remained an iconic pattern since then.
The modern rendition does have its flaws. Flaws that become more and more prevalent with every inch you add to its handle. The long face of the axe paired with the traditional, short eye meant that the user could put more force into the eye than the handle could take. Often times this resulted in the handle breaking right at the bottom of the eye. Council Tool saw this and wanted to improve the useability and resilience of this classic axe. They knew they had an opportunity to make it how it used to be, to make it "New Old School." Just like the ones our ancestors depended on.
Something that you may not know is that as the Hudson Bay Pattern you know and love evolved over time and through different regions. This means that there was a wealth of Old School patterns that still fell within the Hudson Bay family to draw inspiration from.
So that is what Council did.
Using these older Hudson Bay patterns as references they decided to shorten the face of the axe, give it a taller eye, and harden the poll. Turning this thing into a wood splitting, camp making, fur trapping dream of an axe.
Because of its new head shape, this 2lbs of 5160 steel is now more balanced, easier to control, and more robust.
The profile of the axe is much more of a wedge than the original while still maintaining a high centerline on the cheeks - which means it will perform much better when it comes to splitting wood for your campfire.
On top of that, Council Tool is taking the time to harden the poll of these axes so you don't have to wince when you are hammering in a steel tent stake, a trap line, or pounding wedges - this new Hudson Bay can handle it.
These ship FREE and with a fully welted leather mask.

~ 5160 Carbon Steel (with Chromium)
~ 2 lbs. head weight.
~ 3 5/8” Bit length from toe-to-heel.
~ 6” Overall head length from bit-to-poll.
~ Balanced head from front to back, with the center of mass within the eye, which reduces
~ Longer hardened poll, with a taller eyewall, for a more secure handle connection. This creates
a larger poll face/surface area, so that it can be used as an effective striking tool, while also
making good contact to drive HDPE plastic felling/bucking wedges.
~ 25 deg. Convex bevels/bit.
~ Wedge-shaped blade, with a high centerline, to help release the axe head while splitting.
~ Can be carried in a hammer holster, or in a scabbard, on a work belt or fallers rig.
~ Hung on two different Hickory handle options, which include using our stock 19” curved
handle (trimmed down closer to 18” overall length, after hanging), and our stock 24” curved
handle (trimmed down closer to 22.5” after hanging).
~Fit and Finish of the Premium Velvicut line of tools.

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Mancini
Fiancé loves it

Brandon was right….I purchased the upgraded premium version of the Hudson Bay and when my fiancé opened it his eyes lit up, because it was “even better”. He can’t stop talking about it and how much he loves your company!

David Ryan
Great Premium Axe

Finish on head has just right amount of patina, handle fit and grain are perfect. Sturdy workhorse but probably just going to be on display next to the wood stove. Definitely worth the price.

JK axe designs
You should never buy from anyone else!

If you’re reading this review it may be because you’re on the fence about how the quality of this axe. The weight is balanced and the bit is finger nail shaving sharp. Regardless if you’re tearing down Thor size stumps trying to impress your 7 followers on tic tok or felling the two year old pine sapling in your grandmother’s back yard, this is the right tool! The handle is smooth enough to be handled by both Alaskan seasoned professionals and Filson catalog models alike. And if performance is ranked second to the perfect plaid covered profile pic, you won’t be disappointed. As soon as you add this panty dropper to your cart you might as well text your mom and tell her to break out the 1997 rebel XLR because your IG account is about to hit record setting likes. Be prepared for every mustache wax endorsing, suspender wearing, double IPA drinking influencer to try to slide themselves into your DMs. It’s time to throw in the towel and give up every hipsters dream of becoming the first vegan farm to table mixologist and take your seat next to Odin with the only tool fit for a God.

With that being said I want assure you after you’ve made your first purchase you’ll 1000% always come back for more. These guys are legit! They care for their customers and the quality of their products. I can’t say enough good things about the WRT team. I’ve been so impressed with the purchases I made from them.

Side note: if you have the spare cash and want to roll the dice on some fun I suggest you grab a mystery item/purchase. They never disappoint.

Hope you find this review helpful.

Be awesome today!

Great axe

Love this design , I love a good Hudson bay pattern. The grain orientation is perfect. Fit and finish is solid . Worth the money!