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You don't come across a find like this very often!

These NOS, American-made Barco heads were bought at a Barco liquidation auction and are essentially blank canvases for you to restore however you'd like.

They are Quarter ground, meaning you get to put your perfect edge on them, and are ready for you to make into your favorite felling axe.

We got them with quite a bit of surface rust on them and decided to treat a few of them and leave a few of them as is.

The cleaned ones were treated with evaporust, lightly oiled to prevent flash rusting, and pretty much just need a good buffing when you get them in hand.

The others are sold as is and you can clean the rust however you'd like.

Like I said, you won't find heads like this very often - especially not this quality and we only have a finite stock of them.

Once they're gone - they're gone.

Pick up yours today.


Bit to poll: 7 1/4”

Blade length: 4 1/2”

Eye: 2 1/2”x 3/4”

Weight: approx. 4.25lbs

** Rust may very on the rusted heads and the cleaned up ones may have slight spots of surface rust **

Customer Reviews

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Jesus Gomez
Barco head

It was exactly what they said it was. I appreciate that a lot.

David Amon
Bad Eye

I was surprised to find the eye poorly forged
for it being NOS, NOS seconds? Fortunately it is salvageable.

Paul Austin
Barco Axe Head

This a heavy axe head requiring a strong handle. I already have a Barco Pulaski that I love for stump removal - it just destroys roots - that we are removing after the March 15 winter storm that took down many of our trees. So I am anxiously waiting for either a 34 or 36” handle to arrive at your store for purchase to put the axe to work. I have already sent a request for notification when you have either of them available.


Very cool that these were made available. I look forward to finishing it and carving a handle for it.