Large Vintage Wooden Flint Edge Jersey Axes Shipping Box

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Well folks!  We bought a collection of axe related antiques. This box was included and It is looking for its forever home.


Large Kelly Axes Shipping box with hardware store tag.


Long side lists: "Flint Edge Axes. Made by Kelly Axe & Tool Works of The American Fork and Hoe Co"

"Charleston. W. VA.."


Short side lists " True Temper Flint Edge Axes 


Jersey Pattern"


There is a parts tag stapled to the box from Odell Hardware Co. out of Greensboro, NC.  With location being Mebane Store in Mebane, NC being the shipping destination.

This box is in good condition with no oil or coatings.  This has tight box style jointery for construction.  The bottom piece is tongue and groove and pieces have separated from each other a bit but remain tight to the box.    (see photos)


This box remains tight in construction with crisp lettering

See photos for reference

Dimensions: 13x11x7"


This box ships for Free in the US 

*** See Photos for condition