Forest Service Spec Reissue - Council Tool - 28" 2.25lb Boys Axe

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Please read since some things have changed with this product.

We are offering 3 variants.  These 3 variants are explained below and available for you to select in the drop down menu.  We are closing out the final part of this project and offering some with non-premium handles at a discount.

The final batch that we received have slightly different handles than the first.  Still coated in oil. (no wax or laquer) We feel that we need to be transparent about this just incase you have previously ordered one.

We are calling this Gen 1 and Gen 2 for ease of explanation.  Read options below.


Gen 1- B Grade (this has the same handle shape as the first batch that anyone has purchased up to this point.)

Gen 2- A Grade (this has a slightly different shaped handle. Still hung just shy of 28" but is a little thicker specifically up by the shoulder of the handle) Still Premium in grain and quality and can be tuned to your liking just like any of our axes. (see photos for a closer look)

Gen 2- B Grade (Same handle as the Gen 2 A Grade but with less than Premium Grain orientation.)

Pricing has been adjusted based on this information. See drop down menu to select yours before they are sold out.  



We are proud to announce the re-issue of the Iconic 1080 Steel Forest Service Spec Boys Axe on a 28" Premium Handle! This has been a project long in the making.  We've partnered with Council Tool Co. out of Lake Waccamaw, NC, USA to bring back this highly desired woodsman's tool.  


For decades this iconic axe could be found at the side of Forest Rangers and Wildland Fire Fighters. This dependable tool is perfect for base camp, as a fire axe, or next to the woodpile.


These are being freshly forged for us at their facility.  Council has improved the shape of the head specifically creating more crisp and square edges to the poll over the last year.

  • This axe is designed to be stored long periods of time and be ready to work at a moments notice, meaning more time spent using it and less time worrying if it is hung tight and going to hold a sharp edge.


  • A painted head, dipped bit, and composite wedge, helps this axe last longer in storage, which means no matter where you leave it or how long it sits there, when you need it, it will be ready to work!


  • The US Forest Service ordered this axe for their crews to depend on,  for this affordable price you can have that peace of mind just like Wildland Firefighters have for decades before.  


Don't let the name "Boy's Axe" fool you.  This midsize axe is considered the best all-around axe for all ages and sizes.  One tool for many jobs, large enough to get some serious work done but small enough to pack into base camp, strap to your UTV, or keep in the woodshed at your family's cabin.  


The US Forest Service ordered these built to very specific specs:

  • 1080 Steel (1060 construction on our SU Line axes)
  • Painted head and bit
  • 28" Handle. (We upgrade premium grade with BLO finish)
  • Composite wedge
  • Stamped "FSS" (Forest Service Spec)


These come sharpened and ready to use out of the box. Just like with any of our Sport Utility, Woodcraft or Velvicut axes. This means you don't have to waste any time-modifying or sharpening this axe before putting it to work.


    If you are looking for the sweet carry system that is in the photos.  Click HERE and grab yours today!


    Looking for a leather mask?  Click HERE to grab yours today!  Available in Veg tan and Chocolate Brown.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Daniel Briceño
    Up there with other 'best axes'

    I used this axe for a solid 4 months on 9 day hitches for Wilderness trail work and it was our go-to axe. Better than the Snow & Neally we had. The axe holds a sharp edge for a good while and you can tell its made like the other old Forest Service tools with a very high-quality steel. It came with a beautiful grained handle, as described, and never failed me in the field. This axe proved itself while being used all day and can do it all. Hitting wedges while cutting through logs, removing limbs, and cutting small trees.

    I am buying my second to forever have 2 axe heads I can always re-handle. My only complaint is that the handle is a little short, a 32 inch handle would make this axe perfect, which can always be done after the fact with the axe head

    A Great Axe

    I bought this axe during the pre-order and have been using from cutting, splitting, chopping, clearing, some bushcraft/ camp work, and basic clean up around the yard. The leather mask has proven to be durable and the sheath and carry sling are well made and carry well. I added coat of tung oil over the linseed oil that it came with and I love the feel of this straight grained handle with proper grain alignment. Touched the edge up from factory and haven't worried about it since and it's unfortunately hit dirt with no real ill effect. Great axe and I'm sure it'll last a lifetime. Great job Whiskey River and Council Tool!

    Better then I ever expected!

    Have a collection of US Forest Service gear & bought this to display instead of using. Thought the label really made it pop. Proudly displayed it above a door on the wall. Came home & found my son had removed the axe from it's resting place and put it to good use. Have a large wooded lot & and there are always trees that need attention or removal for various reasons. Two trees, too close to the home needed to be dropped. The FFS made short order of both. All that was left was 2 stumps and bits where these 6 & 8 inches Maple trees had resided. My son & I were very impressed with the quality of this axe! The edge held up great, & there was really no need to touch it up at all. Put the axe back up on display, none the worse for it's use. Will not hesitate t use it when ever needed again. Not easily impressed, but Council Tool really makes a great axe! Can't forget to thank the folks at Whiskey River too, for being so helpful too. Very satisfied! Thanks again

    Trevor Goff
    Quality Axe and Service

    My first axe arrived with a bowed handle which was unfortunate. Whiskey River took care of the situation and issued a replacement. The replacement was high quality as expected. I highly recommend the FSS Boys Axe and Whiskey River Trading.


    With only a little bit of stropping, the factory edge is paper slicing / hair shaving sharp.

    If you had to pick one axe from one company, this would be it.