CT Premium Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet

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This hatchet is forged from 5160 steel and its 1.25 lbs head carries with it a no-nonsense convex grind that is ready to do some serious work! Sometimes the size really doesn't matter! It will be hung on a 14-inch scout handle and will prove to be an invaluable and pack-able asset on your next camping trip or ice fishing extravaganza! This tenacious titan will come with a full leather mask to protect the edge of the axe.

We are lovingly referring to this hatchet as the "gateway hatchet" because it is the perfect tool for the novice adventurer to learn safe handling practices on! Whether that be your child, wife, or useless brother-in-law. The un-intimidating nature of this stout powerhouse ensures that even the most inexperienced user will love handling it!


Pick up a replacement handle HERE!