Craftsman Half Hatchet on Original 14" Handle

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All Original Craftsman Half Hatchet 

Original Hang(loose)

Original Handle

Original Rubber Palm Swell Protector.

I was excited to find this one.  Is it rare?  Nope.  Craftsman Half hatchets are a dime a dozen OR at least WERE.   What makes this one neat is that it somehow survived many decades of life in someones toolbox.

Spend the afternoon tightening this one up and you've got yourself a very respectable tool.

Razor Sharp too.  Someone took the time to really get this blade profiled.

Remnants of the Original blue color and Handle marked "Craftsman Professional Carpenter" 




Overall length: 14"

Bit length: 3.5"

Head length: 6.5"

Overall Weight: 1.95 lbs

*** See Photos for condition