Council Tool Medium Leather Mask

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This mask is made with quality leather and with your workhorse of an axe in mind.


You can choose between Chocolate Brown or Natural Veg Tan when buying this mask 


This mask will take a beating and still be there to keep your axe safe! It is everything you need to quickly and effectively protect the edge of your axe from the world and the rest of the world from the edge of your axe!


Great for axe enthusiasts or that use their axes out in the field and like to be able to toss their axes in the bed of their truck or the floor of their garage and not have to worry about a loved one accidentally stumbling into raw sharpened steel or having to reshape your edge after it falls from the tailgate to the ground.  


This mask fits:

FSS Boys Axe 

Flying Fox

2lbs Hudson Bay Camp Axe


Customer Reviews

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Caleb Faires
Flying Foxes

I already own a flying fox, so I bought a couple for my friends. They were a big hit!

High quality

These leather masks are a great option for protecting your ax or hatchet head. High-quality universal fit for council tool, or whatever other brand you may be working with. I have multiples in several sizes.

Joseph Miller
Council Tool Mask

The mask was ordered with a Flying Fox straight handle. Looks great, seems to be well-made. But the fit to the Fox is VERY tight. I have a difficult time getting the Fox into the mask. Negotiating the head into the mask, you either have the bottom of the blade take a chance on banging into a rivet, or the top of the blade slicing into the mask leather and ruining it. I'm thinking it may break in, and I'll hit it with some Sno-Seal and a heat gun to see if I can speed that process up. Other than that niggle, it is a great mask for the Fox, and probably a couple other of my axes too.

David Hoffman
Fits like a glove

title says it all...great product...great customer excellent price...keep up the good work...thanks

Patrick Gould
Leather Axe Mask

The products I ordered to protect the blade edge of my axes are of very good quality!
I am very happy w/them!!