Cayuga Embossed Hewing Axe - 17" Handle

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Looking for a Hewing Axe/Hatchet?  This thing is a great size for getting some serious work done!  The Embossed logo is in great shape and reads " Cayuga Our Best Quality Treman King & Co, ithaca, NY"


The heck with using this...hang this on the wall and pass it down to your grandkids!  Tell them stories of how these tools were used!

The hang is loose but can be saved. It's currently hung on a straight handle which has a #5 stamped into the bottom. There is a good chance this is the original handle. Some were available offset and some were not from the factory.


Measuring out at 17.5" overall.   The poll is in great shape and the only noticable damage to the head is the wron heel of the bit. Mostlikely sharpened that way from a user not liking that part coming close to their legs.  It all tells a story!  Just if this piece could talk!


The bit is straight and true.



Overall length: 17 1/2"

Bit length: 5 3/4"

Head length (Bit to Poll): 7 1/8" 

*** See Photos for condition


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***This axe does not include leather