Buster Brown Shoes Promo Hatchet

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This Buster Brown Shoes Promotional Hatchet is one of a kind with some awesome character

Someone made this theirs by Engraving an E on the Back side of the head and pinning it to the handle from the backside with 2 screws. This kept the etch intact and untouched from the pins.


The handle is A replacement and has seen better days.  This is being sold as a novelty piece., If you are looking for a rare restoration project. This is the one!.  Comes razor sharp.



Overall length: 13 3/4"

Bit length: 3 1/8"

Head length: 4 3/4"

*** See Photos for condition


*** This Hatchet qualifies for our Free shipping on Orders over $150


***This axe does not include leather