Black Leather Full Carry Sling and Sheath - Council Tool Pack Axe

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Have you ever been out in the woods and went to reach back to grab your axe only to find that you left it at the truck or back at camp? This robust carry system was designed by very experienced woodsman and is guaranteed to keep your axe close at hand yet out of the way. 

The full sheath is made out of fully welted black leather and sports some heavy duty D-rings to attach to the sling. The sheath also sports options for belt and Mollie system carry and attachment. 

The sling is made from Brahma Webb with is a combination of polyester webbing and pvc coating which makes the sling comfortable, flexible, and able to withstand the elements to an impressive degree! 

This carry system consists of two pieces: the detachable sling and the full leather sheath. They are sold as a pair so you will have a full carry system for your pack axe ready to go as soon as the mail man can get it to you! 

**Pack Axe sold separately**

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