Antler Handled Ferro Rod

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Thanks for stopping by! So glad to see that you finally want to start walking the walk when it comes to your bushcraft!


This is a Ferro rod that would make Jeremiah Jones blush with envy.


These Ferro rods are made by hand by James Fleming of @american_wastelander. James is an ultra-talented knife maker who has a keen eye when it comes to details. 

If you're in the woods and you have this Ferro rod with you then you never need to worry about it getting dark too soon, the temperature dropping lower than anticipated, or the coffee not being warm in the morning.


With this Ferro rod in your pack, you can confidently walk into the woods knowing that you have the ability to keep your family and yourself safe and warm with your ability to create fire on demand.


**because these are made from antlers no two are the same. The pictures are simply examples of how awesome these Ferro rods are**