6# Mann Co. Firemans Pickhead Axe w/ Original Handle

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This piece of American history was salvaged from a charismatic collector down in East Texas. We saw this beauty and knew we just had to have it. It was forged in Lewistown, PA by the Mann Company (see the prominent stamp on the head if you don't believe me!) and served many a woodsman quite well judging by its earned patina! The handle is true to the slender and ergonomic form of old that just feels right in the hands when swung. Pickhead axes that are this old are extremely rare to find in this good of condition and I'm quite tempted to just keep this wonderful axe in my private collection! 

I've swung this beast a few times and the hang on this axe is as tight as can be. This beautiful axe could be used as is for another generation or two. If your thing is collecting wall pieces you won't find another firemans axe with this much character and dignified ruggedness!