Whiskey River Premium Select - 28" Axe - West Woods Handles

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From West Woods:

28" West Woods Axe Handles These handles were designed with the Bushcraft community in mind. They are thin, light, flexible, and durable, made from the finest tight grained, air dried hickory. 

These handles mimic the feel of the thin, ergonomic vintage handles we respect so much. The palm swell is just right with exactly the right amount of taper to fill the hand comfortably with less grip effort. The knob is big enough to do it's job with no wasted weight or size, with enough material to shape if desired. It fills my large hands exceptionally well. The slender handles absorb shock much, much better for less impact stress. 

The handles are rough sanded to remove lathe defects, but finish sanding is recommended.There is no finish at all. Fitting is required. The shoulder is designed to cover many different eye sizes. 

These handles are thin and light weight. They are very strong but they are not indestructible. Please use them carefully and at your own risk. 

28" and 16 oz over all. For eyes up to 2 1/8" long and 13/16" wide.