Whiskey River Premium Select - 24" Full Size Axe - West Woods Handles

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From West Woods Handles:

24" West Woods Handles Full Size Axe Handle. This handle was designed as a packable handle for an axe head with a full size eye up to 2 1/2" x 15/16".

This handle is thicker than it's pack axe counter parts because a short full size axe may be called upon to some pretty big jobs in an emergency. It is made of the finest air dried hickory turned on a copy lathe and rough sanded on a slack belt sander. Finish sanding is suggested.

The knob has been left thick so the user can carve to their own tastes. The swell is generous but gentle so it doesn't create hot spots and pressure points on the bottom of the hand.The tongue is designed to fit lots of different sizes of eyes. As the tongue is carved down to fit the eye a slight shoulder naturally forms. Fitting is required. No handle is indestructible. Use carefully and at your own risk.