Ultra Premium Axe Replacement Handles

These amazing axe replacement handles are not for everyone.

They are for the axe enthusiast that wants a handle that was created with as much thought, care, and expertise as the head they are going to hang on it.

These replacement axe handles are the top of the top when it comes to getting your favorite axe heads rehung. They are carved by Liam Hoffman and his crew of artisans. If you are familiar with his work and attention to detail you are now nodding your head and thinking to yourself that the title of "Ultra Premium" isn't as corny as it sounds and actually makes a lot of sense. 

Liam Hoffman's axe and hatchet replacement handles are hand selected for his lathe from a variety of different woods.  You can expect an phenomenal grain orientation, no run-out, and a handle that is both true and ergonomic.

These handles are for the axe junkie that wants himself and his friends to pick up their axe, pause as their grip tightens around the handle, then audibly and involuntarily say: "wooooah."