Craftsman 24" Full sized Double Bit - Vintage Axe Works Restored

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This fully restored Craftsman full sized double bit would fit perfectly under thee back seat of the truck or hung up inside the camper.  A wood processing monster at camp and wouldn't look bad hanging on the wall either.  The head is fully restored to paper cutting sharp. This tool does not mess around.  Beautifully hung on a full sized 24" Whiskey River Premium Select handle with a walnut wedge makes this Double bit quite the perfect size to take anywhere. 


This axe was restored by our good friend Roy over at Vintage Axe Works

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Head Markings: "Craftsman"

Handle Length: 24"

Wedge Type: Walnut

Head Weight: 3.5lbs (roughly)


***Comes with Standard masks to protect in the shipping process and has a single coat of Boiled Linseed oil to help protect the head and handle in storage.***

**This Axe qualifies for free shipping!**