Council Tool 16" Camp Carver - Curved Handle

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The Camp Carvers Are Back Ordered Currently.

Not even a hurricane could stop the release of such an awesome tool! The Council Tool Camp Carver was designed with the campsite and the survivalist in mind. The Camp Carver head is hefty enough to accomplish tasks like limbing and fashioning camp tools and camp infrastructure from smaller trees and windfall. Once you have your camp site comfortable and set up the Camp Carver can keep you entertained by using it to carve anything you want! Whether that be a beautiful new spoon or a barbed spear for fishing! It has a comfortable beard on the axe for carving and making feather sticks and a hardened pole for doing things like pounding metal tent stakes and wedges! This heirloom quality tool will quickly find its way into the books of bush-crafting legend!

This item is back ordered a week or so because demand is so high for these awesome axes and Council wants to keep quality high! They will ship out as soon as we get them in our possession! They will be shipping out over the next few weeks. Just know we will do everything in our power to get them to you as soon as possible!

Here are the hard specs:

  • 5160 Steel
  • 16” Curved Premium Hickory handle
  • 26 oz. Head weight (737 grams)(~1.6lbs)
  • 25-28 deg. Flat-grind bit bevels
  • 4” Bit length
  • 15.75” +/- Overall length 
  • Hardened poll
  • 90 deg. Spine - Intended for fire starting with ferro rods. 
  • Large hatchet eye
  • Bearded blade
  • Comes With a Welted Leather mask