Axe Junkie Starter Kit

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This is a great way to jump right in to this wonderful community of edged tool enthusiasts! If you're wondering if you are secretly an Axe Junkie ask yourself a few questions such as: how much do you yearn to swing bladed chunks of steel at trees regardless of their size? Do you ever wonder how far you could throw a viking axe? Has the phrase "I'd split that!" ever saunter across your tongue?  If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions odds are this starter kit will be a great addition to your tool shed!

The Axe Junkies Starter Kit includes:

- 1 Council Tool Hudson Bay Hatchet w/ leather mask

- 1 Axe Junkies T-shirt in your chosen size

- 1 Axe Junkies Sharpening Puck

So pick one up at a this killer deal of 10% off compared to buying all the pieces separately!

Makes a great present or impulsive pick-up!


**(Due to our inventory we only make a few of these kits at a time so if you don't see a kit in your size just email us at: and we will see if we can get one made for you!)**


***Sew on patch no longer included***