Council Tool Co. - Velvicut Axe Package

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** Contact us before ordering to clarify all items in this package are available. **


This is a great way to get your axe collection up to speed incredibly quick and at a great price! When you purchase this package deal you get 1 of each of the axes we carry that are part of Council Tool's "Velvicut Premium Axe" line.  This package includes 1 axe for just about every axe related situation you'll run into while going through life!

**This package qualifies for free shipping!**

Specifically it includes 1 of each: 

1) Bad Boys Axe w/sheath - 2.25lbs / 28" handle

2) American Felling Axe - 4lbs / 36" handle

3) Hudson Bay Camp Axe - 2lbs / 24" handle

4) Saddle Axe - 2lbs / 16" handle

5) Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet - 1.24lbs/  14" handle  

6) American Pioneer Sharpening Puck - just for fun!


A $784 Total Value that can be yours for $739!